Learning Environment and Activities

A huge amount of care and attention is taken by The Hendreds school staff in developing a safe and dynamic learning environment for all children from 4 through to 11

"In our year one production of the Nativity I couldn't even face the audience - before I knew it, year six, I'm the main part singing lots of solos". Pupil

The range of activities enjoyed by the children is unusuaIly diverse. Each child is given the opportunity to shine where they excel and to gain confidence where they lack it, under the careful guidance and gentle care of the staff.

"The Hendreds is a hidden gem". Parent

Every child takes part in some form of sport, almost every day, from judo and gymnastics through to outdoor team sports and swimming. These activities are all taught by professional PE teachers.

The children are immersed in music from the very start of Reception right the way through the school. The range of exposure is diverse and engaging, with music workshops, weekly class music sessions and church concerts. Every child will, at some stage in the school, have violin or cello lessons.

All children are also involved in drama productions throughout their time in the school. These range from the traditional Nativity play for the younger children to more mature and demanding drama productions and workshops for all the older children.

The children enjoy their learning environment and come to respect it and the things within it. They spend as much time outside as possible throughout the year both during play time and teaching time. There are many class and school outings both locally, for example to see the lambing at the local farm, and further afield, such as to Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford and a Hindu temple in London.

"I am grateful for all the opportunities I had at The Hendreds and particularly for being introduced to the violin and music - which I love. I hope to go on to study music at the Royal College in London".
Ex Hendreds Pupil, Purcell School of Music Scholar 2009
The Academic Curriculum

The Hendreds School is proud of the enriched curriculum it offers its pupils. Teaching is based around a core of learning in English and Maths. Other subjects, including Science, History, Geography, Religious Education, French and Latin are taught throughout the school, and complement these core subjects.

A thematic approach is taken to much of the learning with a chosen topic being used to explore different areas of many subjects. This inventive and imaginative approach to the curriculum ensures all children are engaged with and enthused by what they are doing.

All teachers are trained to recognise the abilities of each child and to ensure that, through differentiated teaching, the range of abilities within the class group is catered for and that as a result every child meets its full potential.

This approach and the teaching environment ensure that children leaving the school are well equipped to go on and succeed in secondary school and later life.

"The good care, guidance and support that permeate the work of the school have created a cohesive community where pupils feel safe, secure and ready to learn" Ofsted Inspection 2011
The Curriculum Plan

The curriculum consists of every aspect of school life from assemblies, acts of worship, traditional lessons through to field trips, an exceptional P.E. curriculum and R.E.

We aim to make our curriculum broad and engaging, with many subjects, such as art and drama, used to bring our topics alive. Our approach is to offer many additional experiences such as musical productions, philosophy, Latin and French, learning an instrument, cooking, and, for the oldest, building and racing a car!

The topic plan acts as a scaffold for our work but is subject to change depending on a particular class’s strengths, needs and enthusiasms.


Click here for our Three Year Rolling Curriculum Plan


Ethos and School Community

Equipped with self-esteem and tolerance, every child will leave The Hendreds well set up for secondary school and life beyond.

It is the aim of the school and at the heart of its ethos that every child leaves with a well developed and strong sense of self, feeling valued for who they are as well as what they have achieved.

Hendreds children are exposed to a huge variety of different experiences in mixed age groups. Older children are given increasing responsibility within the school community and take care of younger ones. At The Hendreds, every child knows every teacher and every teacher knows every child. 

Through an ongoing dialogue about values and faith, children are reassured in themselves as well as reminded that they are part of a wider community, the school, the village, the church and beyond. As much as the school embraces the difference in each child, it teaches the children to embrace the world and all its differences with self- respect and tolerance.

"It has become the nature of the school to embrace differences with the result that each child feels special, safe, and valued for who they are". Inspection of Anglican School Report